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Teddy Bear Trap

One of Jay's signature styles involves secreting traps in places you'd think he couldn't access. In this case, he purchased a "Borg Teddy Bear" at the Star Trek: The Experience store in Las Vegas, then took it to a custom teddy bear store and got them to add a self-recorded voice box. When you push the "Press Here" button you hear Jay's voice saying "10, 9, 8, 7, 6... 3-2-1 BOOM!"

"Disarming" is trivial, just don't press the button. After 15 years I certainly know better than to mess with something that says Press Here on one of Jay's presents, but it's impressive none the less.

This particular trap was wrapped with the bear sitting on a more traditional electronic buzzer trap, rigged up so if I moved the bear or cut the wrong wire first it would go off. Remembering my MacGyver lore, I cut the red one (or was it black?) and disarmed it, but I was sweating while doing it.