Hoffman and Novak's Response to Rimm's "A Detailed Critique of A Detailed Critique of the TIME Article "On a Screen Near You: Cyberporn"

This document is a part of a He Says / She Says set of debates over the TIME cover story "Cyberporn" and the Rimm study upon which it was based. It is has been modified only to add links to related parts of other statements in the ongoing debate. The original version of this text can be found here.

Project 2000:
Research Program on Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments

Donna L. Hoffman and Thomas P. Novak

Marty Rimm's response to the Hoffman & Novak critique of the Time cover article

Rimm has prepared a response to the Hoffman and Novak critique of the Time "Cyberporn" cover article. Since posting the "Cyberporn Debate" page on the Project 2000 Web server, thousands of individuals have accessed the critiques. We urge all interested readers to now study Rimm's response. Below are our reactions.

note: Our reactions apply to the original version of Rimm's response, downloaded at 1pm, CST, July 5, 1995, and archived.

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