Songs, Rants and Other Writings

Most of this is really old and preserved for my own enjoyment as much as anything. I didn't stop creating after the mid-aughts, but with the rise of social media I didn't feel as much need to put it all online. I'll likely update with more recent creations at some point.


Every year the alumni from my undergraduate fraternity get together and write an opera. Well, we call it an opera, everyone else calls it a crock. It's a collection of old songs with new twisted lyrics, old jokes that were funny when we stole them in 1976, and new pun sequences that were never funny. Plot is usually optional, if not frowned upon.

A good crock song-writer realizes that most of us can't carry a tune in a bucket and writes for songs that have a simple melody. I've never been much of a team player though, and figure if we can't sing we should revel in it. That's why I mainly write for really hard tunes like Gilbert & Sullivan patter songs.

Linked are the lyrics. It's text, so to get the full effect download a copy of the music, then imagine the lyrics being sung by 20 aging fraternity brothers, all in their own key.

Satire & Silliness